Trade Mark:Arafeh, Paro

General Manager:AmerArafeh

Contact Person:AmmarArafeh

Short Description: Arafeh Company supply the footwear industry in Hebron with all types of man-made and synthetic leathers and materials, Importing regularly modern and top quality materials specially for shoes, keeping up to date with changing styles from season to season, having the materials and colours needed to produce styles for each season.

History:Arafeh Co. started back in 1975 when Mr. Farid was a trader in raw materials for shoe making, he used to buy from importers in Israel and sell to shoe makers in Hebron he continued until his sons took over in 1996, they travelled and started to import raw materials them self, and expanded by introducing more colours and different textures, later on in 2004 they started importing from Turkey, and after that in 2006 they started to import from China.

Vision &Mission:To expand the variety of materials to cover all types needed for shoe makers.

Experience:Specialize in Natural and synthetic Leathers.

Contact Us
Address Hebron, Al Salam Street
Tel No 022221768
Mobile 0599757838
Fax No 022221768
Email Ammar_arafa2006@yahoo.com
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